Welcome to the Quantitative Tomography Laboratory!

In our lab, we pursue interdisciplinary research towards enhanced quantitative image generation and analysis for tomographic medical imaging devices (PET, SPECT, acoustic, optical) including emphasis on multi-modality imaging. Our lab has extensive experience and expertise with mathematical, computational, physics and engineering tools to achieve state-of-the-art medical imaging, and we continue to lead collaborations with researchers in the areas of imaging physics/engineering, robotics, mathematics, computer science, radiochemistry, material science, drug delivery and biological modeling. We aim to develop and validate novel solutions for medical device data acquisition, data correction, image reconstruction and quantification. We actively pursue and lead research on the three fronts of brain, cardiac and oncologic imaging, all aimed at robust and feasible quantitative imaging.

We are a multidisciplinary group involved in education and research in tomographic medical devices, pursuing and integrating diverse research areas including hardware engineering (e.g. motion tracking), signal processing (image reconstruction, processing and quantification), pattern recognition, computer observer modeling and biological compartmental modeling.