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Eleven Abstracts Accepted to the SNMMI 2015 Meeting

Eleven submissions from our lab and our collaborations were accepted to the annual meeting of the Society of Nuclear Medicine & Molecular Imaging (SNMMI), held in Baltimore this year (June 6-10, 2015). We look forward to this always-great meeting, and to interacting with our various basic science and clinical colleagues. The abstracts are as follows (the first 5 were accepted as oral presentations, and the other six as posters):

  • A. Rahmim, R. Schmidtlein, A. Jackson, S. Sheikhbahaei, C. Marcus, S. Ashrafinia, and R. Subramaniam
    Novel quantitative generalized total effective entrapment (gTEE) metric for enhanced clinical outcome prediction: application to PET/CT imaging of pancreatic cancer
  • N. A. Karakatsanis, M. A. Lodge, Y. Zhou, M. Casey, R. L. Wahl, R. M. Subramaniam, H. Zaidi, and A. Rahmim
    Novel multi-parametric SUV/Patlak FDG-PET whole-body imaging framework for routine application to clinical oncology
  • Y. Zhou, M. A. Lodge, J. Crandall, N. A. Karakatsanis, M. Casey, S. Ashrafinia, X. Chen, R. M. Subramaniam, Richard L. Wahl, and A. Rahmim
    Evaluation of whole-body parametric PET/CT image generation from high resolution high sensitivity mCT scanner
  • M. A. Lodge, A. Rahmim, A. J. Antoniou, L. Solnes, and R. L. Wahl
    Dynamic whole-body 68Ga-DOTATOC PET/CT
  • S. Sheikhbahaei, R. Wray, B. Young, A. Rahmim, and R. M. Subramaniam
    Therapy assessment of locally advanced pancreatic adenocarcinoma: Hopkins criteria and FDG-PET/CT quantitative parameter assessment
  • H. Mohy-ud-Din, M. A. Lodge, and A. Rahmim
    Quantitative myocardial perfusion PET parametric imaging at the voxel-level
  • Y. Salimpour, S. Jain, G. Smith, Z. Mari, V. Sossi, and A. Rahmim
    Investigating the regional correlation of subcortical structures as imaged by DAT SPECT with clinical phenotypes in Parkinson’s disease
  • M. Soltani, M. Sefidgar, H. Bazmara, and A. Rahmim
    Enhanced modeling of spatiotemporal distribution of PET tracers in solid tumors and estimation of transport parameters
  • M. Soltani, M. Sefidgar, H. Bazmara, R. M. Subramaniam, and A. Rahmim
    Effect of tumor shape and size on drug delivery
  • N. A. Karakatsanis, Y. Zhou, M. A. Lodge, M. Casey, R. L. Wahl, R. M. Subramaniam, A. Rahmim, and H. Zaidi
    Clinical Whole-body PET Patlak imaging 60-90min post-injection employing a population-based input function
  • L. Lu, X. Ma, J. Ma, Q. Feng, A. Rahmim, and W. Chen
    Low-rank plus sparse decomposition based dynamic myocardial perfusion PET image restoration

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