Why you can’t stop checking your phone?

Here’s a concise and helpful overview (by the Johns Hopkins Magazine) of the recent finding in our paper, “The Role of Dopamine in Value-Based Attentional Orienting.”

Quantitative Tomography Lab

Over the past years we have devoted significant efforts to implement routine, systematic motion compensation forĀ  brain PET studies at our center. The following work, just published in Current Biology (led by our collaborator, the late Dr. Yantis), was only able to arrive at significant correlations between value-based distraction and PET-measured dopamine release after inclusion of motion compensation. We are quite motivated by these positive findings.

B. A. Anderson, H. Kuwabara, D. F. Wong, E. G. Gean, A. Rahmim, J R. Brasic , N. George, B. Frolov, S. M. Courtney, and S. Yantis
The role of dopamine in value-based attentional orienting
Current Biology, vol. 26, pp. 550-555, 2016.

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