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Special Abstract Citation!

Our abstract was cited in the highlights of the 30th Annual Congress of the European Association of Nuclear Medicine (EANM), Vienna 2017. This was for an unusual reason, though we’ve been doing this for years now!

It reads:

Shiri et al. [46] presented a most unusual and scientifically highly interesting paper. These authors sought to predict lung metastases in patients with soft tissue sarcoma applying advanced machine learning to radiomic¬†features. The unusual aspect, however, was the collaboration between Iranian universities and universities in the US, showing that science is above politics.”


BRAIN initiative meeting at Hopkins

We had a truly exciting and fruitful meeting on March 3rd for our BRAIN initiative effort. Our collaborators are converging to a couple of very promising approaches to enable transcranial, real time, in vivo imaging of brain network activity. When we first put in this grant, it had the appearance of science fiction, to improve temporal resolution in the in vivo imaging of neurotransmission from minutes in PET imaging, by ~4 orders of magnitude (!), to the scale of 10 milliseconds. But our results are very promising, and suggestive that this is indeed possible.

Publication in the top 10 most popular PMB articles in 2016

Our article on dynamic whole-body imaging has been ranked among top 10 most popular articles in the journal of Physics in Medicine & Biology (PMB) in 2016. The work was also featured on medicalphysicsweb in a piece titled “A clinical take on whole-body dynamic PET“. The work is creating excitement in its potential to transform routine clinical imaging, to enable dynamic PET imaging while still providing conventional whole-body standard uptake value (SUV) images.

PhD dissertation defense by Fereshteh

Fereshteh Aalamifar successfully defended her PhD dissertation. The work, entitled “Co-Robotic Ultrasound Tomography: A New Paradigm for Quantitative Ultrasound Imaging” has been received very well so far, with multiple publications and patent application. It has been a real delight to work with Fereshteh, and we hope her work, naturally and effectively wedding robotics with tomographic imaging, will significantly impact clinical imaging in the years to come.