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PhD dissertation defense by Fereshteh

Fereshteh Aalamifar successfully defended her PhD dissertation. The work, entitled “Co-Robotic Ultrasound Tomography: A New Paradigm for Quantitative Ultrasound Imaging” has been received very well so far, with multiple publications and patent application. It has been a real delight to work with Fereshteh, and we hope her work, naturally and effectively wedding robotics with tomographic imaging, will significantly impact clinical imaging in the years to come.



Saeed Ashrafinia awarded AAPM Expanding Horizons Travel Grant

We are pleased to announce Saeed Ashrafinia (PhD candidate) has received the Expanding Horizons Travel Grant. Awarded by the American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM), the travel grant aims to “provide an opportunity to broaden the scope of scientific meetings attended in order to introduce students and trainees to new topics which may be of relevance to medical physics research and which may subsequently be incorporated into future research in order to progress the field in new directions.”

Article on the promise of whole-body dynamic PET

Our efforts to translate the concept of dynamic whole-body imaging to the clinical arena are taking notice, as seen in this web article: “A clinical take on whole-body dynamic PET”. Our very own Nicolas Karakatsanis, who initiated these efforts as a post-doc in the lab, then pursued efforts in Geneva at the Zaidi Lab, and now at Mt Sinai, recently published the promising results of combining this novel acquisition protocol with advanced 4D image reconstruction to achieve improved quantitative imaging. Through our ongoing, close collaborations with Siemens Medical Solution, we are very optimistic about future implementation and promise of this framework.

Hopkins Insight Article Featuring Yousef Salimpour

Hopkins Insight has published an article entitled “Headband Could Offer Relief to Parkinson’s Patients” featuring Yousef Salimpour on his exciting work building a device to provide electric stimulation to a Parkinson’s disease (PD) patient’s brain at home, suppressing symptoms like general slowness, limb weakness, muscle tremors and speech difficulties. Yousef is at the same time actively involved in our lab, working to identify and enhance correlations between imaging and clinical phenotypes in PD patients, with the aim of identifying biomarkers of disease progression in PD.

Baltimore Sun Piece Featuring Yousef Salimpour

The Baltimore Sun has published an article featuring Yousef Salimpour, entitled: “Device developed at Hopkins could help Parkinson’s disease symptoms.” Congrats to Yousef for recognition of his great work! In our separate work with Yousef, also on Parkinson’s disease, we are trying to identify how subcortical structures as imaged by clinical SPECT imaging are linked with clinical phenotypes.