Collaborators & Funding Agencies

1) Quantitative methods for enhanced diagnosis, prognosis and treatment response assessment in cancer patients

2) Multi-center PET study of amyloid uptake in the ARIC (Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities) Neurocognitive Study

3) Statistical tomographic image reconstruction (emission, acoustic, and optical)

  • Emad Boctor (Radiology & ECE)
  • Mohammad Ay (Med. Phys. & BME, Tehran University of Medical Sciences)
  • Hossein Ghadiri (Med. Phys. & BME, Tehran University of Medical Sciences)
  • Habib Zaidi (Nuclear Medicine, Geneva University Hospital)
  • Dan Kadrmas (Radiology, University of Utah)
  • Jing Tang (ECE, Oakland University)
  • Paul Segars (Radiology, Duke Medical Center)

4) Optical/photoacoustic imaging of the intact brain (BRAIN initiative)

5) Texture and shape analysis (radiomics) and radiogenomics:

a) Brain – Parkinson’s Disease

b) Cardiovascular

c) Oncology (prostate, head & neck, renal, lung)